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Click on each label to hear the inspiration for the parts

Click on each label to hear the inspiration for the parts

Left Tank
Left Mirror
Fuel Gauge
Front Fender
Left Rear Fender
Rear Fender
Derby Cover
Kick Stand
Drum Stick Linkage

Left Side of Gas Tank – Sgt. Peppers with a Hofner Bass Guitar in the background

A new headlight by Headwinds features the Beatles first British release, “Please, Please Me”. This photo was also used on their first greatest hits album 1962-1966, which many call the “Red” album. Their second greatest hits album 1967 – 1970, the “Blue” album is on the other side of the headlight.

The left side mirror (top) is a chromed replica of an actual ticket from the Beatles first concert in the US… February 11, 1964
at the Washington, D. C. Coliseum…the price… $3.00!!!

Fuel gauge on top of the left side of the gas tank representing the Apple
Records label

A Le Pera seat customized by Advanced Custom Design aka Alligator Bob…who did a spectacular job. The seat features the face images from “Meet The Beatles” which are surrounded by the albums of “Meet the Beatles”, “Yesterday & Today”; “Revolver” and “Let It Be” with the original labels as released by Capitol and/or Apple Records.

The back rest features three 45 pm records…”Please, Please Me”, “Ticket to Ride” and “Hey Jude”.

Front Fender – Let It Be album cover images

Left Rear Fender – Love Glove from Yellow Submarine

Helmet – The Revolver album cover

Rear Fender – Rubber Soul album cover.

Sissy bar backrest – Yellow Submarine

Derby Cover – Ringo’s Bass Drum

The kick-stand was fabricated by McGowan Metal Fabrications and utilizes a stock Dyna Wide Glide kick-stand. The PEACE SIGN was fabricated using hardened case steel utilizing the TIG welding process for a clean look.  It was finished with hand sanding and polishing using 1200 grit wet/dry sand paper and fiber cloth, which prepped it for chroming. 


The “IMAGINE” heel-kick was laser cut into stainless steel utilizing a 4000 watt laser machine and then finished by graining the metal with 400 grit sand paper and polishing with fiber cloth for the chromer.  It was welded using a TIG process. 


The entire fabrication took over 40 hours to create.   Chrome finishing done by 21st Century Finishes, Inc.

These were originally chrome. The chrome has been removed and the aluminum sticks were painted by Chris Cruz Artistry to make them look like the real thing – wood drum sticks.

The drum sticks linkage was fabricated by McGowan Metal Fabrications.The shift linkage utlizes a J & P shift linkage as its base. The drum sticks are made from 5052 aircraft grade aluminum. Utilizing a metal lathe machine, it took over 11 hours to create both sticks. The sticks are attached to the linkage by a cleverly hidden bolt which is adjustable from the rear of the linkage. After the sticks were fabricated, 1/2 of the material of the stick closest to the viewer was ball milled out so it would be recessed in closer to the other stick. This detail provides a much cleaner look to the piece.

The shift linkage was then milled to receive the small bolt which is inserted from the rear of the linkage so the viewer cannot see it. Milling a slot into the linkage was also a functional part of the creation because it provides the flexibility of adjusting the sticks for clearance regarding the length of travel for shifting. It took another 16 hours to do the final milling on the sticks and yet another 7 hours for milling the bolt slot into the shift linkage which is a total of 37 hours to create this one-of-a-kind piece.

Right Side of Tank – Abbey Road album cover

Right Tank Top – A Hard Day’s Night album cover

Gas Cap on top of right-hand side of the gas tank representing the Apple Records label

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Right side of front headlight – image from the “blue” 1967 – 1970 greatest hits LP

The right side mirror is a chromed duplicate of a ticket to see the Beatles live at the Hollywood Bowl on August 30, 1965

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The White Album is featured on the battery cover. Painted by Chris Cruz, the battery cover features the 4 black and white photos inside the album cover, along with the embossed “The Beatles” album cover title and a serial number which was on the front cover of the first release of the album in 1968.

Air Filter Cover

Air filter cover – John Lennon self-portrait

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Right Rear Fender – Logo from Help! album cover

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Front of gas tank – representing the British invasion from England to the

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Timing Cover – Beatles for Sale album cover

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Front Spoiler – Logo from Magical Mystery Tour album cover

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Right side of front headlight – image from the “blue” 1967 – 1970 greatest hits LP